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Poker Agenda

Landing page, user platform, administrative platform

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The project developed for the Max Late Game aims to organize the poker players' tournament schedule.  

The care taken to structure it consisted of user research, market analysis and treatment of color psychology.

Three platforms were created to support the service.

At the base, a survey was carried out on users to understand their habits and routine. We also studied the online poker gaming platforms that will be integrated into the MLG system.

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To start, I developed the project from scratch, including the . The logo is based on deconstructed poker chips, which form an hourglass to represent the player's time control.

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Then, the UI kit was made with the design tokens and the components used. All material was made in Figma.

Color psychology was used in the development of the project to make the player familiar with the system. All colors were inspired by poker items, like chips.​

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In the design of the landing page , a sales funnel was implemented, so that the user understands how the business works and is motivated to subscribe to one of the available plans.

On the landing page itself, the user can login or register on the platform.

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The register was developed in parts, to direct the user and have a more agile filling flow.

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The user's platform is accessed after registration. In it, the player can manage their tournament schedule, taking into account the registration deadline, the recurrence and tournament category, the minimum and maximum buy-in, and the platform that will host it.

A color filter was used to facilitate the identification of the tournaments selected by the users, of the recurring and non-recurring ones. The respective colors will be identified in the specific line of each tournament.

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The administrative platform  will update the user platform. It will be possible to manage tournaments, payments, advertisements, settings and users, who will have their history documented.

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